Preventative Maintenance Can Help Your Laundry Machines Perform at Their Best

Commercial laundry machines are built to last. Like your automobile, they are robust mechanisms that should go many miles. However, just like your car, a commercial laundry machine requires routine care. Preventative maintenance is just as important to your laundry machine as it is to your car. Without it, you may lose money watching broken machines take up space. Preventative maintenance is easy if you follow some best practices.

Read the Manual

First and foremost, for both washer and dryer, consult the owner’s manual. Your commercial laundry manual has ideas and tips for preventative care, especially for things you can do on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning. Keep the manual handy and read it.

Important Regular Maintenance Tips

There are some maintenance tasks you should perform more often than others. For example, on a very regular basis, you should make sure the washer does not spin when the lid is open. It’s also a good idea to leave the lid open at the end of each day so the excess liquid will evaporate. And don’t forget about the coin slides; you will want to frequently double check that they work.

Less Frequent, But Equally Important Maintenance Tips

  • Check for leaks – Always check the drain hose and the pump hose for leaks.
  • Clean the water inlet filters – A simple cleaning of the filters can prevent clogs. If cleaning the filters does not help, they may need to be replaced.
  • Check the belts – Make sure the belts are intact and are not wearing out.
  • Check the hose connections – Make sure they are tightly connected and are not leaking.
  • Clean the lint from the exhaust duct – This is very important to prevent overheating and to prevent a fire.

Taking these basic steps will help you maintain the investment you’ve made in fine quality laundry machines. To consult an expert, contact FMB Laundry for superior products and service.