Your Laundry Room Can Be Sustainable and Cost-Efficient

You’re in business to make your customers happy. You want to do this in a way that is beneficial to your bottom line and the environment. Good news – it can be done. You can have an efficient laundry facility that is eco-friendly at the same time.

Use Energy-Efficient Washing Machines

Utility costs can be difficult to control when you offer laundry facilities. However, with an upgrade to energy efficient washers and dryers, you can see your utility costs drop significantly. Energy efficient machines use modern technology to save time and money. For example, washing machines that use spray-rinse technology rather than the old rinse method use less water and therefore less heat. Not only do they rinse more effortlessly, these washers also spin faster than the traditional models. The sped up spin cycle decreases the time the machine is used, leading to lower utility bills. On top of all this, these washers hold more clothes, reducing the number of loads needed.

Use Energy-Efficient Dryers

Dryers are no different; there are many dryer options that can help you achieve sustainability along with savings. The dryers of today self-regulate by using moisture sensors to detect when the clothes are dry. When optimum dryness is reached the dryer shuts off automatically. This shortens the drying time considerably, as people tend to overdry when left to their own devices. Newer, eco-friendly dryers also have heat pumps, a more economical means of heating the clothes than traditional dryers offer.

Help the Environment and Save Money

Perhaps the best thing about this current technology is the impact it has on the environment. It is important to go green, and you can save money and help save the environment at the same time by installing energy-efficient washers and dryers in your laundry room. For the very best choices, service and quality, contact FMB Laundry and start saving now- 877-709-3599.